What is Remy Human Hair?

  • Thursday, 03 January 2019
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Non-Remy hair is 100%  human hair, but in this case, the hair is collected in piles and as a result the cuticles are all misaligned. This hair is easily tangled and without proper maintenance, it can give a shabby look.

Remy Hair is also 100% human hair. In Remy Hair extensions, the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and so the hair does not tangle easily. All of the hair in weave must come from one donor.

The hair root is the hair root, the hair is a little a little hair, braids cut down, head and tail are not reverse, no confusion. This is the best wig making materials. Hair is so elastic.

As not dyed natural color, black is the root of the tail is slightly dull yellow, or split ends. But also more flexible after dyeing.

Remy Hair refers to the hair surface with scales, and the scales are basically in one direction to smooth hair.

Cuticles are a flaky porous layer on the hair. On Remy Hair, the cuticles are all aligned in the same direction. This essentially means that the hair is collected form a single donor.

Remy Hair is divided into two types: braided hair and down hair roots. Generally refers braided hair from his head cut off, the first layer is not reversed hair, tail slightly pale yellow. Pour root hair root is the use of inverted bubble machine (throwing hair) follicles with an open and a little part, be able to do the scales toward consensus, make smooth hair effect. Of course, the two are different, generally braiding hair texture same origin than the bubble to be hard, down the root hair in itself is an external force or metabolic shedding hair, so the use of time, lasting more than hair braided hair down roots.

The advantage of remy hair is that they don't tangle easily and hence look much better. For Non-Remy hair, human hair is collected in piles cheaply and then sorted to create extensions. The direction of cuticles are mixed up. This makes the hair tangle easily and is difficult to maintain.

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